A little of both…

Mr. Boseman: You are what you say you are , so if you are shy (which 90 percent of you will probably say that you are), I’m looking for the 10 percent who is willing to say “I’m not shy”. And don’t try to lie people, these pens and pencils were specifically designed to weed out all the liars, since none of us like liars…..You young man, it said that you lied about being shy why would you do that?

Nate: In all honesty sir, it was to one call your bluff and two because I really did not want this job, since there are no shy people being hired.

Mr. Boseman: Why would you care? What is the benefit of hiring shy people they have no business in PR, this is a talking person’s job.

Nate: For starters, sir, shy people know what most people want, because most people are shy, like you just said. In addition, the reason why most people are shy is because if they were outgoing they would be too honest and no matter what the job is every staff needs a few honest people.

Mr. Boseman: I guess you are right, young man what is your name?

Nate: Nathaniel Waters sir.

Mr. Boseman: Well, Mr. Nathaniel Waters, I am going to hire you any way and allow you to create your own team full of shy and outgoing people to create an amazing advertisement for this new client the company is trying to get how would feel about that?

Nate: I would gladly appreciate it and won’t let you down sir. 

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