Everyone says that forever does not exist, but being with you makes me think that they are wrong.

Walking in the right direction…

Seeing her walking down the aisle, he knew that she was the one he wanted to start a family with, travel the world and sit on their front porch-old and grey- watching the sunset.  She looked beautiful in her white dress and seeing her coming closer, he knew that he was never going to see anything more beautiful than her right at this moment, expect for maybe their own, future daughter walking down the aisle on her wedding day. As she approaches, he can remember all of the great moments that made the petty fights worth it and all of the hopes and dreams they talked about in bed together in the late hours of the night. The only problem was that she was not walking towards him, but towards another man, because he had let her go those many years ago. And if he had the chance to go back, he wouldn’t because no matter how happy they would be together, he knew that she would be much happier with another man.

Saying goodbye…

As the day got closer to when we had to say goodbye, it got harder and harder to hold back the tears, but I promised myself I would not cry when we actually had to say goodbye, so I’m not going to. But there is one thing that I refuse to do. I refuse to say goodbye, because I know we will see each other again, it might not be in the same circumstances, but we will see each other and while she may forget me, I will always remember her. Even though we will both eventually have to move on, this summer will always hold a special place in my heart.

A little of both…

Mr. Boseman: You are what you say you are , so if you are shy (which 90 percent of you will probably say that you are), I’m looking for the 10 percent who is willing to say “I’m not shy”. And don’t try to lie people, these pens and pencils were specifically designed to weed out all the liars, since none of us like liars…..You young man, it said that you lied about being shy why would you do that?

Nate: In all honesty sir, it was to one call your bluff and two because I really did not want this job, since there are no shy people being hired.

Mr. Boseman: Why would you care? What is the benefit of hiring shy people they have no business in PR, this is a talking person’s job.

Nate: For starters, sir, shy people know what most people want, because most people are shy, like you just said. In addition, the reason why most people are shy is because if they were outgoing they would be too honest and no matter what the job is every staff needs a few honest people.

Mr. Boseman: I guess you are right, young man what is your name?

Nate: Nathaniel Waters sir.

Mr. Boseman: Well, Mr. Nathaniel Waters, I am going to hire you any way and allow you to create your own team full of shy and outgoing people to create an amazing advertisement for this new client the company is trying to get how would feel about that?

Nate: I would gladly appreciate it and won’t let you down sir. 


He sat in silence, looking like he was reading a book, but secretly he was thinking about her. Thinking about the way she laughed and smiled every time he saw her. Thinking about how no matter how busy her life became or famous she will ever become, she will always care about the little things in life like children laughing in the park or birds flying through the trees. But little did he know that this same girl, the girl who he thought was the most amazing person in the world, was standing right behind him, staring at him pretending to read this book. She thought everything that he was thinking, but about him; nevertheless, while she was thinking about this, she also thought about their future together and them walking along the beach old and gray. It was at that very moment he knew what question he wanted to ask her and she knew the perfect answer to it.

Your life…

Don’t try to make an excuse for why things might not being going your way or how much your life might suck right now, because everything you have done or will do is based off the choices you made or will make, so I’m sorry if you are prone to making stupid decisions, it is your life I guess.

Staying up…

No matter how tough her day was or how tired she had become, Ciara always stayed up late just to see her husband’s face before she went to bed. She enjoyed the little conversations they had every morning when he walked in, but she always looked forward to seeing his face and his eyes brighten when he saw her.

On the mornings when she would miss him, due to not being able to stay up, her whole day was ruined, because she had to wait until the next morning to see his face. While she was happy with the job choice that he chose, since it did pay the bills and he was enjoying what he was doing, she couldn’t help but hate his job, because it always kept him away from her and it was getting harder and harder to see his face in the morning with the new baby and all. Ciara couldn’t wait until the day when they are old and gray and she can see his face whenever she wanted to.

Love at all costs…

Jack: Do you love her?

Jenny: Yes.

Jack: Then why are you still sitting here, you should be going after her.

Jenny: Because you guys don’t like here,  I can’t be with somebody that can’t get along with my family.

Jack: Whoever said that we didn’t like her, we just think she’s weird. But as long as you love her she is ok in our book.

Jenny: Then, why am I still sitting here? I have to go get her.

Jack: Here take my keys. Got get you girl!

Too late…

Jenny: I sat here doing nothing but waiting. Waiting for you to walk through that door and know that you chose me and wanted this relationship to work. But you never showed up, you never walked through that door with your beautiful smile, you didn’t even call telling me that you were going to come. You never showed up.

John: But I showed up now.

Jenny: That doesn’t matter! It is too late now, if you really cared about me and this relationship, you would have showed up then and not now because it is more “convenient” for you. Back then, I would have waited for you, but now it’s too late.

The day the music stopped….

The reason why Joey loved Carrie so much, was not for her looks, but because she had a song for every mood or occasion in her life; he never had to guess what was going on in her mind or how she felt about something, all he had to do was listen. He Listen to the music she played throughout their day, but he loved when she sang herself the most. She had the most beautiful voice and wished she would never stop. Because of this, it was a very sad day for Joey when he found out that the girl he had loved so much died in a car accident, because that was the day the music had stopped.

Letting go…

Carrie: No you can’t leave! You can’t just run away when things are complicated, you made a commitment and you should stick to it!

Jenny: What commitment, a commitment to be in a relationship that leaves us both unhappy? And let us not forget that one of u  has already broken this commitment! I apologized for that, I thought we had moved on from that! I am trying to by leaving, because we both know that we rushed into this and weren’t really ready for all of the expectations. So I’m doing what I should have done in the first place and I’m leaving. I’ll see you in the future, but we can never be what we were.

Carrie: So that’s it this is good bye.

Jenny: No, it’s a see you later….friend.

Jenny walked away knowing that they could never be the best friends that they were and that if they were ever going to see each other again, the probably would act more like co-workers than friends. But she knew this had to be done, for the both of them.

To read…

To read something is like looking into the soul of a person. To rudely critique it, is like taking a blade to their heart and twisting it.

Say something…

Jenny had so much to say, but didn’t have a way to say. As she was standing in front of the people who needed to hear what she had to say, all she could do was smile and walk off the stage.

Great reminder…

John enjoyed seeing Sara every morning, not because she was beautiful, which she was, but because every morning she always remembered to ask about his day. John was naturally a lonely man and knowing that one person cared about the things that happened in  his life, made waking up every morning worth it.

Ruining the moment…

John: If you had any idea how much I want to kiss you right now.

Carrie: So why don’t you?

John: Because that would involve me ruining this perfect moment, that I don’t want to end.

Carrie: Then I guess you have to ruin the moment

Getting up….

Sometimes you’ll wake up and it will be too hard to get out of bed, but all you have to do is roll over and I’ll be right there beside you. I’ll be there to help you get out of bed on those bad days. But if it’s an extremely bad day or it’s raining outside and the little bubble that we have made on this be feels just too good, then I’ll be right here beside you and we’ll tackle those days together in this bed. But I will not let you lay here and have a pity party when you are so amazing and there is a world out there just waiting to see how amazing you are.

An inspiration….

The sound of little feet running through the house was all the inspiration she needed to get up every morning and start new.

Dreams end…

Jack: We may be two different people from completely different backgrounds, but I think that the past couple of days have proven that we can make this thing, whatever it is, work out some way.

Jenny: But that’s the thing, we can’t, because the past couple of days have been like a dream and when reality hits, everything, including this relationship will change.

Jack: But what if…

Jenny: If we have a relationship full of ifs, then nothing will be real, so let’s not ruin this night and just have fun before the sun comes up and this wonderful dream ends.

Don’t eat me…

Carrie:Are you still alive?
Jenny:No, I’m dead.
Carrie: You’re a zombie!! Don’t eat me!!
Jenny: I am kind of hungry.
Carrie: Eat the hamster first, she’s fatter.

No bliss….

People say ignorance is bliss, but don’t take into account that the most ignorant people in the world are the most unhappy.


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